Senior Project Associate

 Mumbai, Maharashtra


Lamin based modulation of macrophages for immunosuppression in solid tumor microenvironment


A Senior Project Associate position funded by Science and Engineering Board is available in Cell and Tissue engineering lab (, in the Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering at IIT Bombay. 

The lab is primarily focused in biomaterial based immunotherapy for cancer as well as various autoimmune disorders. 

The Senior Project Associate hired for this position will primarily work on the immunomodulatory role of nuclear lamins and the underlying pathways involved in modulation of macrophage phenotype in tumor microenvironment. The Senior Project Associate will have the opportunity to work with various biomaterials for the development of scaffolds and nanoparticles as well as CRISPR/​cas9 gene editing for cancer immunotherapy. 


The position is available for at least two years subject to annual review of performance.


Salary and benefits are commensurable to prior experience and in accordance with Science and Engineering Board, Government of India guidelines.


PhD in Molecular Biology, Life sciences, Bioengineering, Biotechnology or related field with strong experience in genome engineering using CRISPR- CAS9.


  • Must be able to work as an independent researcher.
  • Must be experienced in basic molecular techniques, mammalian cell culture and handling small animals for in vivo studies.

To Apply

Interested Candidate can fill the google application form.

Application form link:

Selection will be conducted in two stages where applications will first go through an initial screening followed by an online interview by a panel of scientists at IIT Bombay.

(Only shortlisted candidates will be notified)

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