Research Associate (postdoc)

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


Investigation of collective escape response in schooling fish


Applications are invited for a postdoctoral research position (Research Associate) based at the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. This is a collaborative project between Vishwesha Guttal at IISc (https://​tee​labi​isc​.word​press​.com/) and Guy Theraulaz at CNRS, Toulouse France (https://​crca​.cbi​-toulouse​.fr/​e​n​/​g​u​y​t​h​e​r​a​ulaz/)

Role: Lead the experimental investigation part of the project, using schooling fish. Interface with both Indian and French teams. There is plenty of opportunity for travel and collaborations.

Project Description: Many biological systems, from mobile animal groups to cancer cell clusters show collective behaviours which are emergent properties that manifest only at the level of a group. A major function of collective behaviour is anti-predatory benefits like efficient predator avoidance. Few studies have examined the inter-individual interactions involved in information transfer during such collective predator avoidance, and even fewer studies have attempted to integrate empirical and theoretical results in this context. We will use a novel, integrated approach of modelling and controlled experiments to fill in this major gap in our understanding of collective threat evasion. We will use data-derived models to predict collective response patterns of fish schools to predation/​threats. We will test those predictions through laboratory experiments in schools of a fish species (Etroplus suratensis or other suitable species) using a novel method of aversive conditioning that mimic a natural threat detection event.


Initial appointment will be for one year, extendable for two more years.


Rs 47,000 + HRA (as per DST norms).


PhD in any suitable area.


We are looking for candidates with a background in quantitative biology /​ecology /​evolution /​behavioural ecology and with experience in animal behaviour experiments.

To Apply

How to apply: Prepare the following documents

  • A cover letter expressing your interest and suitability to the position.
  • A research summary of your PhD thesis
  • A CV — including contacts of three referees.

Short-listed candidates will be interviewed online before final selection. 

Applications will be considered beyond the deadline until we find a suitable candidate. Please check the website for more details/​updates: https://​tee​labi​isc​.word​press​.com/​j​o​i​n-us/

Please email your application materials to: guttal@​iisc.​ac.​in and guy.​theraulaz@​univ-​tlse3.​fr with the subject line Application for Indo-French postdoc position”

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