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 Mumbai, Maharashtra


Foundation for Medical Research (FMR) has worked extensively last 2 decades on Modernization of plant-based medicines in view of their unique action and their role in combatting AMR. The studies have followed a projected road map as to how these products can be used as therapeutic approaches. The studies used as a model the guava leaf extract as an anti-diarrhoeal since diarrhoeal diseases extract significant mortality and morbidity costs and the treatment is prone to rapid development of drug resistance.

The studies encompassed in vitro bioassays for screening of efficacy against a wide range of pathogens, animal model and an open efficacy clinical trial for the treatment of uncomplicated infectious diarrhoea as a proof of concept. Over 20 publications have resulted from this work. A phase has now been reached where basic information has been obtained to partner with industry for standardization and manufacture of the formulation initially for adults and subsequently for children who are most affected by GI diseases. The Foundation is searching for a suitable person to take this work forward.

The person should have:
• A basic interest in this field, with a good academic record.
• Ability to build and supervise a team.
• Ability to secure funding and liaison with appropriate funding agencies.
• Sufficient domain knowledge and communication skills.
• Ability to understand the biochemical approaches required for the standardization of extracts.
• Ability to network with industry.


3 years (extendable based on performance).


Around Rs. 150,000 per month initially on contract and subsequently after review on a permanent basis with gratuity and medical allowances /​insurance.


Ph.D. (Life Sciences/​Pharmacy/​Chemistry/​Microbiology).


Minimum of around 5 years’ experience in an academic and/​or industrial setting with good quality publications.

To Apply

Interested Candidate can send the CV to Foundation for Medical Research at — fmrmum@​gmail.​com.

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