JRF/​Project Assistant

 Haryana, India


Ashoka University is seeking a Project Assistant to join our laboratory and support our ongoing research on the effects of dietary mismatch on metabolism and metabolic diseases. Our project uses Drosophila melanogaster as a model system and employs a combination of experimental evolution, phenotypic experiments, and omics techniques to investigate the relationship between diet and organismic traits.

As a Project Assistant, your responsibilities will include:

  • Supporting the maintenance of Drosophila populations
  • Collecting and analyzing experimental data
  • Organizing and managing the laboratory


4 months, extension based on performance review.


Rs. 35,000/- (monthly consolidated)


Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in life science from a UGC-accredited university with a minimum of 60% Marks or CGPA of 6.0 and above on a scale of 10.


Desired but not necessary

  • Working experience with Drosophila populations
  • Experience in molecular biology techniques.

To Apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their application through the online form by 15th February 2023. Please follow the link to access the form:

For more details click here.

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