Senior Scientist

 Hyderabad, Telangana


Multiple projects in Computational Biology and AI modelling


Key Responsibilities

Develop and apply AI & computational models in SMOL, mAb, and Gene & RNA therapy design and development.

They are specifically looking for Ph.D. & Postdoc candidates who can contribute to the following areas:

  1. Disease studies to identify new targets, uncover mechanisms of action and stratify patient populations using the power of:
    • Single-cell multi-omics (scRNA-seq, Proteomics, Spatial Omics, Epigenomics …)
    • Whole genome sequencing (WGS) and Proteogenomics
    • High-throughput pre-clinical experimentation datasets
  2. De novo design, characterization, and optimization of therapeutic candidates in silico using computational omics and chemistry models and AI, e.g:
    • Antibody engineering
    • RNA design and optimization
    • Viral Vector optimization for advanced cell and gene therapies
  3. Analysis and optimization of bio-synthesis reactions using the power of AI/ML and computational modeling of underlying cellular processes.


6 month internship prior to FTE is mandatory for the 1st time industrial experience candidates


Ph.D/Post Doc candidates in Computational biology or related field


Experience in Computational Omics.

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