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When is YIM 2022?

YIM 2022 is split into two parts- the YIM and the PDF Satellite Meeting. The YIM component starts on 4 May 2022 and ends on 6 May 2022 in virtual mode only. The PDF Meeting 2022 begins on 9 May 2022 and ends on 12 May 2022. Both components will happen between 4:30 – 8:30 PM IST (on all days).

What is the application deadline?

The deadline for YIs and PDFs to apply for YIM 2022 is 04 March 2022, 11:59 PM IST.

Note: if you have any queries regarding the application, please email us by 6 PM IST on 04 March 2022. Post this, we will not be able to provide any assistance before the application call closes.

I attended a previous YIM as a PDF. Am I eligible to apply for virtual YIM 2022 as a YI?

Yes, you are welcome to apply.

I attended a previous YIM. Am I eligible for virtual YIM 2022 in the same category?

Yes, you are welcome to apply. However, preference will be given to first-time attendees.

Does attending the virtual YIM 2022 make me ineligible for subsequent in-person YIM in the same category?

No, you are welcome to apply.

As a selected participant, how can I actively participate in the various sessions of YIM 2022?

Once you have been notified of your selection to YIM 2022, you will receive additional meeting and registration details. The meeting will be held in virtual mode only. You will have the opportunity to interact with the mentors, speakers, and panellists during the sessions via the live Q/A box. In addition, the meeting will include breakout rooms (more details below) for small group discussions and an informal networking session.

Should selected participants attend all days?

All selected participants are required to attend all days of the YIM. Participants who cannot stay for all days are requested to decline attendance.

How will the content of the sessions of YIM 2022 be used?

YIM 2022 sessions and interactions may be compiled as an article, blog, podcast, or report at the end of the meeting. We will ensure that the content is appropriate for public sharing and that speakers and participants are correctly quoted.

I cannot attend the meeting. How should I cancel my participation?

We request you to let us know well in advance (at least 30 days before the event) if you cannot attend the meeting. This will provide a spot for waitlist participants. Please mail us at yim2022[at]indiabioscience[dot]org.

Can I transfer my spot to my friend or colleague?

It is not possible to transfer your spot. The selection of attendees is done on the basis of individual applications.

Will I get a participation certificate?

We will send e‑participation certificates to those who require certificates.

When will the next YIM take place?

The Young Investigators’ Meeting is held once a year, usually in the month of February or March. Contact us at hello[at]indiabioscience.org for more details about YIM 2023.

PDF Satellite Meeting 2022

What is the PDF Satellite Meeting 2022?

The Young Investigators’ Meetings comprise of two major components- the YIM followed by the PDF Satellite Meeting. The latter is a platform for postdoctoral fellows (from India and across the globe) who intend to set up an independent research group in India to learn about the thriving research ecosystem in India and virtually meet and listen to Directors/Vice-Chancellors/ representatives of institutes and universities from across India.

Do I need to apply separately for the PDF Satellite Meeting?

No, there is only one application step. Selected PDFs will be expected to attend BOTH the YIM and PDF Satellite Meeting components of YIM 2022.

Can I attend only one part of the meeting?

We strongly encourage selected postdoctoral fellows to attend the entire meeting.

Can I interact one-to-one with the institutional representatives at the PDF Satellite Meeting?

We will have two networking sessions where postdoctoral fellows will be able to initiate an interaction with the institutional representatives. You can also interact with the institutional representatives via email.

I am a YI selected to attend YIM 2022, can I attend the PDF Satellite Meeting?

No, the PDF Satellite Meeting is only intended for PDFs who are intending to embark on an independent research career in India.

Venue & Fee

What is the venue for the YIM 2022?

The YIM 2022 is a virtual meeting and the sessions will be held on Zoom.

What is the venue for the PDF Satellite Meeting 2022?

The PDF Satellite Meeting 2022 is a virtual meeting and the sessions will be held on Zoom.

Is there a fee to attend the YIM 2022?

No. There is no fee to attend this meeting.


Who can attend the meeting?

You can apply to attend YIM 2022 if you are a: 1. Young Investigator across the life sciences, who is less than 5 years into their role as an independent investigator in India. 2. Postdoctoral fellow in India or across the globe in the life sciences.

For YIs, it is important that you have an independent research group in India. INSPIRE fellows, India Alliance Early Career Fellows, Ramalingasami Fellows, Ramanujan Fellows, and UGC-FRP faculty can all apply as long as they meet the criteria of having an independent research group in India started within the last 5 years.

When is the deadline to apply?

The deadline to apply is 04 March 2022 (11:59 PM IST). If you are applying as a PDF, please ensure that we receive your completed application form with the link to the recording of your lightning talk and recommendation letter by then.

How many people will be selected to attend the meeting?

A maximum of 60 postdoctoral fellows and 60 YIs will be selected to attend the meeting.

How do I apply? And what do I need?

To apply, complete the application form (https://​indi​a​bio​science​.org/​m​e​e​t​i​n​g​s​/​y​i​m​-​2​0​2​2​/​apply). Please ensure that you read the Instructions for Applying’ section carefully prior to applying.

For PDFs, apart from the application form, you will also need to submit the following: 1. Curriculum Vitae (CV) 2. Letter of motivation- i.e. why do you want to attend this meeting (250 words) 3. Your thoughts on a career in India (250 words) 4. Abstract (Technical summary of your research) (300 words) + accompanying image 5. Recording of an elevator pitch/​lightning talk (3‑minute long) based on the template provided* [share drive link (with permissions to view the file) 6. Recommendation letter (1) to be submitted (directly) to us via email at yim2022@​indiabioscience.​org with Reco letter yourfirstname yourlastname” in the subject line by 04 March 2022

For YIs, apart from the application form, you will also need to submit the following: 1. Curriculum Vitae (CV) 2. Letter of motivation- i.e. why do you want to attend this meeting (250 words) 3. Your thoughts on a career in India (250 words) 4. Abstract (Technical summary of your research) (300 words) + accompanying image

Note: the title, abstracts, and graphical abstracts will be included in the abstract book. Please keep this in mind while preparing these.

When will I hear about my selection for the YIM 2022?

You will be intimated about the outcome of your application by late March 2022.

Will my information be shared with the invited institutions?

We will compile the CV, lightning talk (elevator pitch) and the technical summary that selected PDFs have submitted in theirr application into a database. This database will be shared with all the institutional representatives for their perusal prior to the meeting.

Session Details

As this session is virtual, what are the requirements to enable uninterrupted participation?

The suggested requirements are detailed below.

Hardware requirements: 2+ GHz dual-core processor (4‑cores recommended); 2+ GB of RAM (4 GB recommended), Windows 8+/Mac OS 10.13+/ Linux/​Chrome OS

Software requirements: Google Chrome/​Mozilla Firefox/​Safari, preferably the latest version. 

Also, ensure that you have a stable internet connection. We strongly advise against joining the session from a mobile phone, unless necessary.

What topics will be covered in YIM 2022?

The YIM 2022 program is themed on the idea of community”, the holistic ecosystem that nurtures and sustains scientific discovery. It will feature talks by senior scientists, networking sessions, and panel discussions to address the importance of communities, not just at the level of a PI’s lab but also at the level of institutes, science and public. COVID-19 has sharply brought into focus our need to work collectively and early career scientists can explore the potential of collaboration and allyship. This will also bring to the forefront discussion on topics, including mentorship, setting up a research group, navigating the post-COVID world, and funding opportunities. Established scientists will describe their scientific journeys, sharing inspirational and amusing anecdotes about their experiences with younger scientists who are establishing their careers.

Is it mandatory for participants to register to be able to attend the sessions?

Yes. All invited participants need to register to be able to attend the meeting sessions on Zoom. These registration links will only be shared with selected applicants closer to the meeting date.

Will I be given a chance to present a poster or a talk if I want to participate?

There will be a poster gallery for PDFs and YIs attendees of YIM 2022

Only for PDFs: When you apply for this meeting you are required to submit a recording of a lightning talk/​elevator pitch. The lightning talks of all the invited meeting participants will be compiled into a database that will be shared with the institutional representatives attending this meeting.

Abstracts submitted by the participants will be combined to publish as an abstract book.

What is the informal networking session, who can attend, and how do I join?

The format of the YIMs is focused on fostering conversations and networking in the science ecosystem in India. While in previous sessions, this has been done via in-person interactions, the virtual YIM 2022 format will include an informal networking session in which young investigators and postdoctoral fellows will get a chance to interact with mentors, speakers and colleagues. 

Details of how to join the Informal Networking Session will be shared with the selected YIM 2022 participants along with the other meeting details.

When will I know the details of the institutional representatives attending the PDF Satellite Meeting 2022?

The list of institutional representatives attending the PDF Satellite Meeting 2022 will be updated to the Programme by late-March/ early-April. We strive to ensure that we have diversity, inviting representatives from research institutions and central/​state/​private universities. All of the invited institutions are currently/​soon to be in the hiring process.

Will the sessions be recorded & live-streamed?

Select sessions will be recorded and live-streamed. Some of the sessions will be available to view at a later date.

What is the breakout session, who can attend and how do I join?

The Breakout Session is an opportunity for young investigators and PDFs to have an informal discussion with a group of their peers and more established and experienced mentors on topics of relevance to them. These sessions will not be recorded or broadcasted and are intended to be a space for an open and honest discussion. 

The topics for this year’s Breakout Session are 1. Building your research group & your ecosystem 2. Addressing diversity & inclusion in research groups /​institutions.

Details of how to attend the Breakout Session will be shared with the selected YIM 2022 participants along with the other meeting details.

YIM 2022 on Social Media

Am I allowed to live tweet/ share social media posts regarding YIM 2022?

You are welcome to share snapshots and updates of the meeting, but kindly adhere to the Code of Conduct when doing so. Briefly, please keep privacy, confidentiality and relevance to the meeting in mind.

The YIM 2022 social media team will also be sharing snippets through the sessions, as well as a summary of the day’s sessions on Twitter.

What hashtag should I use when posting about YIM 2022?

Kindly use the hashtag #yim2022 on social media.

What social media handles can I tag?

As per relevance, you can tag @IndiaBioscience, @DBTIndia, and personal participant handles.