Ideas to begin with

We encourage you to submit impactful ideas that reflect passion and creativity. The outreach can be done via virtual events or the dissemination of e‑resources and is to be carried out in English or Indian languages with English translations. If there is a scope and a need, we encourage the translation of resource materials into Indian languages. The disseminated material should carry the IndiaBioscience logo and would be copyright of IndiaBioscience falling under the Creative Commons license. The material should be not for profit and should not be distributed for commercial purposes. 

Below is a subset of topics (not exhaustive) to help you get started:

  • Explainer videos and virtual science lab for school students

  • Cartoons and infographics on topics of relevance to health — including but not limited to the current outbreak

  • Conducting interactive sessions for the public to interact with scientists etc.

  • Reinvent networking for scientists on a digital platform

  • Efforts to highlight achievements in Indian science

  • Ideas to improve diversity, inclusion, and equity in scientific communities

  • Improved local sharing of scientific ideas and resources, etc. 

  • Engaging public to do at-home experiments — output could be in the form of a short movie or a popular book

  • Setting up e‑coloring books with elementary life science subject matter

  • Facilitating local communities to take part in crowd-sourced scientific projects

  • Hosting periodic podcast or webinars or discuss/​share relevant scientific principles, advances and research needs

  • Efforts to highlight the history of science — stories behind specific discoveries and how they were made, etc.

To know more about the projects that have been successfully funded by the IOG program read about IOG 2020, IOG 2021 awardees. 

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Past Awardees

1st IOG Awardees
Name (Lead Applicant)Affiliation
Aprotim MazumderTata Institute of Fundamental Research — Hyderabad
Karishma S KaushikSavitribai Phule Pune University (formerly University of Pune)
Meghna KrishnadasCSIR Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
Rohit NaniwadekarNature Conservation Foundation
V.V. RobinIndian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER) Tirupati
2nd IOG Awardees
Karishma S KaushikDepartment of Biotechnology, Savitribai Phule Pune University
Megha KumarCSIR-CCMB
Neha JainIndian Institute of Technology Jodhpur
Poonam ThakurIISER-Thiruvananthapuram
Reuben Thomas VargheseAll India Institute of Speech and Hearing
Sonia SenTata Institute for Genetics and Society — Centre at inStem