The Gender Gaps and the Biological Sciences

IUBS Centenary Lectures

On the occasion of the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, (25 November), and within the context of the Sustainable Development Goal N. 5 on​“Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”, the Working Group on Gender Equality of the International Union of Biological Sciences is launching the Webinar Series:​“The Gender Gaps and the Biological Sciences”.

The series is intended to provide a framework to discuss issues related to different gender gaps within the context of the biological sciences communities towards identifying actions towards gender equity and equality. Among the topics which will be addressed there is gender pay gaps, promotion gaps, funding, and publication gaps, the leaky pipeline, gender lens in research, harassment, and many more topics also triggered and proposed by the IUBS community! 

The first webinar provides information on the series within the context of the activities of the IUBS Gender Equality Working Group.

The webinar consisted of talks by experts, moderated round table discussion, and a Q&A session.

Catherine Jami, CNRS, France
Hayley Clements, CST, South Africa
Lucilla Spini, UNIFI, Italy
Renuka Badhe, EPB, Netherlands
Sarita Maree, ZSSA, South Africa

John Buckeridge, RMIT, Australia
Lucilla Spini. UNIFI, Italy

Workshop organiser: IUBS Working Group on Gender Equality
Publicity & logistics: IndiaBioscience

Date: 25 November 2021


00:00:00 Welcome

00:11:02 Overview

00:11:40 Objective of the webinar

00:14:23 Concepts

00:15:36 Introduction to the webinar

00:24:10 Talk by Hayley Clements

00:26:35 Biodiversity Intactness Index

00:34:35 Leaky pipeline of women in STEM

00:43:32 Talk by Catherine Jami

00:44:32 The Gender Gap in Science Project

00:43:36 The Draw a Scientist Test

00:50:30 Nobel Prizes and Field Medals

00:51:33 History of Chemistry

00:55:40 SCGES

01:05:30 Talk by Renuka Badhe

01:37:27 Discussion session