Meet Ana Laura Cantera (Territorial Inhalations)

Carbon Chronicles Episode CC -02

Our second podcast episode of Carbon Chronicles” is out now!

Join us as we dive into the world of #scienceart with the incredible Ana Laura Cantera and explore her thought-provoking exhibit, Territorial Inhalations.”

Ana Laura Cantera, the brilliant mind behind Territorial Inhalations”! As a biomaterials developer and creator, Ana specializes in designs grown from mushroom mycelium and biobased materials made with local waste.

Explore her captivating artworks exhibited worldwide, where science meets art in the most innovative and sustainable ways.

Learn more about Ana’s groundbreaking work: https://​www​.analau​ra​can​tera​.com​.ar/​e​n​glish

Podcast Duration: 29 min 04 sec


Guests: Ana Laura Cantera — Arranged by Science Gallery Bengaluru

Planning and Concept : Team Science Gallery Bengaluru, Arushi Batra, Karishma Kaushik

Recording, Editing & Hosting: Arushi Batra

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