IndiaBiostreams: DBT’s Competitive Grant System

DBT Webinar Series

Dr. Mohammad Aslam and Dr. Onkar Nath Tiwari join us in the fourth instalment of the interactive webinar series from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. In this webinar, the speakers elaborate on the DBT’s competitive grant system.


Address by Dr. Aslam

0:00 Programmes supported by DBT

1:25 Research & Development Programmes of DBT

3:09 New Competitive Grants System

6:39 Scientific & Technical Appraisal & Advisory Groups (STAG)

7:33 Technical Expert Committees (TEC) — 1

8:43 Technical Expert Committees (TEC) — 2

9:41 Terms of Reference for TECs

10:49 Terms of Reference for STAGs

12:11 Terms of Reference for Biotechnology Apex Board

13:09 International Cooperation

14:13 Programme for R & D in North East Region (NER)

Audience Poll

17:59 Have you used the eProMIS portal?

Address by Dr. Tiwari

20:00 eProMIS Web Enabled Project Management Information System (https://​dbtepromis​.nic​.in)

20:30 Introduction to eProMIS

23:03 How to access eProMIS?

23:36 PI Module

Questions & Answers

33:20 Can I PI submit more than 1 project at a time through the system?

33:37 Can someone change their area of specialisation after registering with eProMIS?

33:54 Are visiting professors / emeritus professors eligible to submit proposals?

34:33 How much time taken by the TEC and STAG committees to decide on a new project?

35:01 If a proposal is not funded does the PI get reviewer’s comments to improve on the proposal?

35:37 How much preliminary data is generally required for submitting a proposal?

36:20 Are medical projects are eligible for funding through this system?

36:56 Whether professors in colleges or private institutions are eligible to apply?

38:02 Is there a limit on the amount of funding that can be asked for in a proposal?

38:54 Are there any age criteria for those proposing?

39:30 Are there industrial / entrepreneurial schemes as a part of this proposal system?

40:35 Could we add a co-PI and then add a budget later?

41:00 Is there a provision for uploading videos and images to upload to eProMIS system?

41:33 Can we apply for ATGC grant anytime during the year?

42:03 Can scientists from NER participate in brainstorming sessions or stakeholders’ meet? If yes, then how?

43:45 In NGO’s apply in relevant field?

44:04 Is it necessary to send hardcopies of the proposal as well?

44:50 Can a DST-INSPIRE faculty apply for apply for a DBT research grant?

45:15 Are international faculty allowed to be co-PIs for these projects?

45:54 If the PI transfers to a new institute, then can the grant transfer to the new institute?

47:00 Can you apply round the year for international grants?

48:34 Can PI and co-PI be from different institutes?

48:50 Can SRFs, JRFs, Research Associates, postdocs be co-PIs?