In Conversation with a Mentor | Interview with RamG Vallath

In Conversation with a Mentor (ICM) Episode 3 | S2

In this episode, meet Ramgopal Vallath, or RamG Vallath, TEDx Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Growth Mindset Coach, Bestselling Author, Co-Founder, and above all, the happiest person he has ever met!! 

RamG has held leadership positions in many reputed companies such as Titan Industries, HP India, Dell Technology, Airtel, etc., and later, he associated with the Azim Premji Foundation as a founding editor of i wonder’, which is a very popular science magazine for school teachers in India. He is also leading the Covid Health Response Strategy at the Azim Premji Foundation for the last two years. His third book Active Parenting’ was out recently. Visit his website https://​ramg​val​lath​.com/& learn more about RamG. His Instagram handle is @ramgvallath.

Podcast Duration: 20 min 23 sec

Note to listeners: This recording was done over a zoom meeting call due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in a slightly diminished audio quality with some mild disturbances in the recording, compared to a studio-quality recording.