In Conversation with a Mentor | Interview with Abhigyan Arun

In Conversation with a Mentor (ICM) Episode 2 | S2

In this episode, we talk to Abhigyan Arun, CEO of TNQ Technologies, a publishing technology, and service company headquartered in Chennai, India. Abhi has served as the CEO at TNQ Technologies since October 2016. Abhi’s focus has been on aligning the business, technology, and product strategy of TNQ to the demanding needs of the publishing industry. In this episode, Abhi talks about his career journey, personal and professional growth, journey with TNQ, and vision for TNQ.

Podcast Duration: 27 min 23 sec

Note to listeners: This recording was done over a zoom meeting call due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in a slightly diminished audio quality with some mild disturbances in the recording, compared to a studio-quality recording.