CRG Short Term Special call on COVID-19

Science and Engineering Research Board


The Science and Engineering Research Board announced the Short Term CRG COVID-19 special call immediately after the declaration of the COVID pandemic in the year 2019. As a follow up to the above program it is proposed to monitor the open drain systems to identify the prevalent strains in circulation, to correlate the clinical data for overall effect of particular strain on its infectivity and health of the individuals. This monitoring system can warn us regarding emergence of novel mutations on regular basis before the strains is identified through clinical samples and to monitor the genomic variants of SARS-CoV19.

Key features:

  • Identification of coronavirus and its variants from sewage and domestic wastewater and related public health diagnostics issues
  • Detection of SARS-CoV2, its variants and their sequencing
  • Computational validation of COVID-19 markers and analysis of variants

To Apply

Proposals should be submitted through SERB online portal in Core Research Grant (CRG) format. Proposals will be initially screened for the competence of PI, suitability and scope prior to peer-review.

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