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EMBO Installation Grants aim to strengthen science in participating Member States* by encouraging talented young researchers to establish independent laboratories in these countries at the early stages of their career. The Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Portugal and Turkey are participating in the 2016 call.

Institutions and successful job candidates apply together to gain funding beyond normal start-up packages. The commitment and support of the receiving institute during and beyond the tenure of the grant is regarded as essential. This is meant to ensure continued support of the academic career of the recipient.

Successful applicants receive an annual support of 50,000 euro for three to five years and benefitssimilar to those of the EMBO Young Investigator Programme. Installation Grantees are integrated into the EMBO Young Investigator network to benefit from the offered support.

The scheme is funded primarily by the EMBC Member States who elect to participate in the programme. It is administered by the EMBO Young Investigator Programme.

Search the Installation Grants database for the 71 grants, which have been funded since 2006.

* Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Portugal and Turkey; Croatia are not participating in the 2016 call. Researchers going to EMBC Member States that are not listed here can contact theirdelegates.


Applicants must:

  • have an excellent publication record
  • be negotiating a full-time position at an institute/​university in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Portugal or Turkey by the date of application, or have established a laboratory in one of these countries in the last two years (counted from 1 Jan in year of application).
  • have, in the four years prior to application, spent at least two consecutive years outside the country in which they are applying to establish their laboratory.

Further restrictions:

  • applicants who have not yet started their new position, must take-up the position and start the grant by 31 December in the year following application. For successful applicants who have already established their laboratories the grant start date is 1 January in the year following application.

To Apply

  • CV data and summary of planned research
  • Details of the person who will complete the receiving institute form on behalf of the host institute*
  • Details for three referees*
  • A completed IG scientist application form” (doc)
  • Please refer to the application guidelines (PDF) when completing this form.
  • Details of any other funding sources available to the applicant.

* Important note: The details of the referees and host institute should be submitted as soon as possible. You can continue to update your online form until the deadline. Reference letters and information about the host institute are automatically requested by the online system. They are only accepted via the online system and must be submitted by the deadline.

The receiving institute contact will be sent a link and password by email to access and complete the receiving institute form online. They will also be emailed a Receiving Institute Confirmation Form” (doc) which must be signed by the head of the institute and posted in original to the address on the form.

The receiving institute will be asked to describe:

  • the institute’s infrastructure
  • available equipment
  • relevant colleagues (i.e. show that the scientists at the institute work in areas that are relevant to the applicant’s research)
  • the duties of the applicant (note that the applicant is expected to have limited teaching and administrative duties)
  • details of the offer that is being made to the applicant. The offer should go beyond a position and laboratory space.

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