Zero Waste: A Virtual Workshop

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DAV College, Bathinda, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda and Indian National Young Academy of Science, New Delhi is co-organizing a webinar series entitled #ZeroWaste, from 16th June till 18th June. The series will feature popular talks by eminent scientists in the fields of environmental sustainability. The purpose of this series is to spread awareness about sustainability, low-carbon-footprint lifestyle, and minimizing waste.

The series will sensitize the public why to adopt a carbon-neutral lifestyle embracing environmentally conscious approach. The key message is less consumerism, i.e., by buying less, that lead to wasting less.

Talks will mostly be non-technical presented in an accessible manner to non-specialists. The sessions will be immersive with a lot of time allocated for QnA. Open for all, including artists and musicians. Digitally-validated e‑Certificates to active participants.

Deadline for application: June 15

More information and registration: http://​bit​.ly/​Z​e​r​o​-​W​a​s​t​e​-​S​eries

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