Workshop on Protein Expression And Purification

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The module gives a hands-on experience in protein expression in E. coli cells and purification of the protein using a suitable purification strategy. The expressed proteins are visualized on an acrylamide gel and compared with the un-induced cell pellets from E. coli.
This hands-on training can be a good platform for enriching the knowledge in protein expression vectors in bacteria, recombinant plasmids and purification strategies used in rDNA technology.

The Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras is planning to conduct a module on protein expression and purification in the month of December 22 – 23, 2023. The module gives hands-on experience in protein expression in E. coli cells and the course readily suits the UG and PG students from Life sciences and Biotechnology. Attached herewith is the flyer for the same. We request you to circulate the flyer among the students and encourage them to participate in the training. The seats are limited and the registration date is until 14th Dec 2023. 

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