Webinar on Scientific Writing for research and publications.

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Scientific writing is a basic skill for anyone who wishes to make a career in academia needs to have. Having your work published, can help you get admission in universities across the world, it can help get jobs in prestigious institutions, it can also serve as a plus point to your overall profile in the long term.

But, Writing a research paper can be a tedious, time-consuming and extremely complicating task. Moreover, our educational system does not help us learn this skill which is crucial for a career in science. We at The Nature’s Eye have held a webinar to help individuals who wish to pursue a career in science. By guiding them through the various steps of writing a research paper.

Topics Covered

  • Basic requirements for a publication.

  • Selecting a journal.

  • How to proceed with a concept and hypothesis.

  • Contents of a research paper (Title, abstract, method, etc.).

  • Important rules regarding manuscript 

  • Referencing and checking previously published data.

  • Essential supporting material (Maps, figures, tables, etc.) 

  • Approach towards research.

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