Webinar on Career opportunities in 2030 for today’s students of Science and technology: A Panel discussion

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Even before the current pandemic, there have been discussions on what should be the education and training modules in our higher-education centres to prepare our students for their future, which has become less predictable due to globalization, climate change, emergence of AI/ML etc. The current pandemic has added one more dimension to this debate.

Then how can our students plan their professional future, which is at least a decade away? What kind of basic, advanced and transferable skills they should master while they pursue higher education?

All senior school students and their teachers and parents are invited for an informative discussion and interactions with leaders of industry and academia.


  • Prof Sanjay Dhande, former Director, Indian Institute of technology (IIT) Kanpur (a top engineering school in the country)
  • Dr Anand Deshpande, Founder Chairman and Managing Director, Persistent Systems (a technology services company with more than 10,000 employees)
  • Mr Arun Aggarwal, Founder and CTO of Aspiring Minds” help improving employability of students across the world by developing methods of assessment. 
  • Dr Smita Jain, Executive Director, Indiabioscience (a community driven organization to mentor students and scientists to pursue a successful career in life sciences).

Moderated by

  • Prof LS Shashidhara, Dean (Research) at Ashoka University and Professor or Biology at IISER Pune

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