Webinar: Exploring the Idea of Scientific Genius’ & its Consequences

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The scientific community is ever enthralled by the idea of the scientific genius. More often than not, a scientific genius is a cis-man who doesn’t have a life outside science. What does it take to become a scientific genius in the Indian context? And how much influence does this idea have on scientists and the practice of science itself. This panel discussion hosted by The​Life​of​Science​.com, in partnership with DBT/​Wellcome Trust India Alliance, will break down this construct by viewing it through a scientific, historical and sociological lens.


Shalini Mahadev | PhD scholar | University of Hyderabad

Shalini is currently trying to complete a PhD in neuroscience. Besides this, she indulges in making sense of the world, its people and other whatnot. She also loves to talk and notice science in everyday life.

Gita Chadha | Sociologist | University of Mumbai

Gita’s research spans science studies, feminist theories, art practices and post colonial studies. She co-edited two volumes on Feminists and Science and more recently Re-Imagining Sociology in India: Feminist Perspectives.


Sayantan Datta I Project Coordinator I The​Life​of​Science​.com

Sayantan is a genderqueer transpersyn and a transfeminist activist. Their work has had major shifts, from studying synapse development to litigation, and sociology of science.

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