Education in India: Violent Desires, Exclusionary Tendencies and Transformative Potentials

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Invited participants to this conference are expected to engage with the following themes, although this list is indicative rather than limiting:

  • What are the structural, epistemic and ontological mechanisms that go into the (re)production of education as necropolitical spaces?
  • What interventions at the levels of curriculum and pedagogy can enable the foregrounding of marginalized standpoints and epistemologies in the context of education in India?
  • What does focusing on identity and community questions contribute to education research and practice, especially in the context of the National Education Policy 2020?
  • What role does political solidarity play in the reimagination of education in India?
  • What contemporary themes in education research and practice connect and cross-talk with global concerns of decolonizing education?

This two-day conference will invite presentations to deliberate on the themes above. Further, researchers involved in the project “(Trans)Forming Science: Towards a Trans-Inclusive Science Higher Education in India” will present findings from their research in a dedicated panel.

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