Phase Separated Systems in the Nucleus

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There is immense excitement about membraneless organelles organized on the physico-chemical principle of liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) in cells. The concept of phase separation has existed for decades now and is implicated in chromatin and nucleolar organization.

Recent advances in molecular and cellular biology and imaging approaches reveal phase separation as a fundamental basis for the organization of nuclear sub-organelles and continue to provide insights into molecular transactions between various cell compartments for a cell to be self-organized and in homeostasis.

The proposed meeting will capture the excitement in phase separation in the nucleus — a truly interdisciplinary and exciting field. This meeting will bring together experts across disciplines to address major biological questions and its implications in diseases including cancers and neurodegeneration. 

In addition to the online meeting, a special issue will be published by the Journal of Biosciences (Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore in partnership with Springer Nature) with state-of-the art reviews on LLPS and its application in the functional organization of the nucleus.

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