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The OASPA annual conference brings the open access community together to discuss new developments and innovations in scholarly publishing and unite in our shared goal to enable research around the world to be openly accessible. The 2023 online conference will encourage participants to work towards making equitable open scholarship a reality and will address many timely and fundamental topics relating to open scholarly communication.

The conference will take place online from 19 ‑21 September 2023 to ensure wide participation and the opportunity to welcome everyone for collective reflection on our endeavours to ensure scholarship is open and accessible to all.

Topics will include and are not limited to

  • A progress check on OA as an enable of societal progress
  • Funder mandates and their influence on OA publishing models
  • Overcoming obstacles in policy development 
  • Diamond OA and sustainability challenges
  • Global preprint adoption trends and open peer review
  • Artificial Intelligence and its implications for scholarly communication
  • Research integrity and the growing role of open science
  • OA models to broaden participation
  • OA through the lenses of sustainability, justice, and resilience
  • Feedback from OASPA’s workshops on equitable OA

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