Online Workshop on Scientific Writing and Research Ethics

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DBT/​Wellcome Trust India Alliance (India Alliance) is pleased to launch a series of Online Workshop on Scientific Writing and Research Ethics’, for students of Masters and PhD in biomedical sciences in India. These workshops are aimed at equipping the participants with essential knowhow of writing scientific manuscripts, and ethics of research and communication.

Join the first workshop in this series on 29th June, 10 am to 1 pm IST.

Online Workshop on Scientific Writing and Research Ethics

Agenda for the workshop: 

Session 1: Basics of Scientific Writing & Structuring your Manuscript to impress journal editors

A well-written and cohesively presented manuscript is a pre-requisite to attract a journal editor’s attention and to make sure your manuscript is put forward through peer review. A well-structured manuscript also impresses peer reviewers and allows them to focus on more specific details of the content and research methodology. In this session, participants will learn how to structure an original research article into the IMRaD format, along with tips on effective scientific writing (grammar and language), choosing a journal to publish, organizing bibliographic references and more. 

Session 2: Ethics in Research and Communication

This session will elaborate on authorship and conflicts of interest and how important ethics is in performing and reporting your research. To ensure that your paper or grant does not get rejected, it is important to be aware of concepts like unintentional plagiarism, multiple submissions, and salami slicing. This session will also clarify concepts such as data manipulation and fabrication.

Editage Insights is the training and knowledge partner for this workshop series.

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