NxG Science Communicator 2021

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The NGSF invites young science writers to bring to light the historical and societal impact of novel discoveries in the field of biological sciences by participating in our essay writing competition-Next Gen Science Communicator.

Topic:Science in Social and Historical Perspectives”

Eligibility: Applicants must be pursuing a Life Science degree (Up to the graduate level).


  • The essay should address a societal/​historical issue and the contributions of the science to overcome them. (Focus on lesser known discoveries/​Inventions)
  • General public is the target audience, so avoid using scientific jargon and convey your story in an engaging tone
  • The essay can follow any writing structure. Please cite all references. 
  • Word count should not exceed 1000 words. 
  • Submissions should me made through our online submission portal

The Award

The best essays that are simple, engaging and scientifically sound will be published in our blog. Among the published essays we plan to award a cash prize of INR 5000 to four essays – three chosen by the NGSF Team (of scientists and science communicators) and the other based on the number of readership views over a month (Chosen independent of first three). Therefore a possibility to win upto INR 10,000 for the best essay. Publishing essays in our blog has helped authors gain a wide readership. Less than two years since its inception, our website has had 50,000 views from 74 different countries.

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