Molecular Docking and Biological Software Packages for Data Analysis

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Molecular Docking using AutoDock Vina (Protein-ligand); Ligand preparation — Chimera; Docking analysis; Protein and Ligand preparation; Grid generation; Result analysis using Discovery Studio; Protein target screening and toxicity prediction will be covered. This workshop will provide a platform for beginners to explore computational techniques and implement these techniques in their field of research.

In the theme of data analysis, we are going to teach

1. ImageJ — Java-based image processing program, we can use it for many biological research experiments example western blotting, wound healing, immunofluorescence etc.,
2. Biorender — Scientific diagrams, and illustrations.
3. Circos Plot — Circos ideal for exploring relationships between objects or positions.
4. OriginPro — Data analysis and graphing software.
5. Mapchart — Make your own custom map of the World.
6. GraphPad Prism — Data analysis and graphing software (Survival graph).

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