Going BIG with Innovative Science: From Idea to Product

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Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms has been supporting early-stage innovative ideas and technologies in the domain of life sciences through the BIRAC flagship funding program, Biotechnology Ignition Grant or BIG ever since the grant’s inception in 2012. Through this scheme, funding of up to 50 lakhs INR is awarded to academic entrepreneurs, individual innovators and young start-ups towards encouraging the generation of ideas with commercial potential and stimulating enterprise formation to take these ideas to society. 

In 10 years of partnering with this game-changing funding program for idea-stage start-ups, C‑CAMP has seen 160+ grant awardees. There have been some phenomenal success stories from every area of life sciences — healthcare, agriculture, and the environment. As they set out our 10th year as BIG partner with 20th call, join Dr Neelanjana Janardan and Dr Vishal Bhardwaj for an overview of the program, application process and its impact in translating early-stage technologies into commercially viable solutions.

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