Faculty Induction Program (FIP) for Teachers in Higher Education

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Guru Angad Dev Teaching Learning Centre (GAD-TLC) is a centre for training senior secondary (+2) and higher education (both UG and PG) teachers of India in ICT skills and equipping them to impart efficiently digital education to the students.

The Guru Angad Dev Teaching Learning Centre conducts various types of Workshops (both basic and advanced) for training teachers in ICT skills. The range of ICT skills covered in these workshops include word processing, presentation and spreadsheet, assessment skills, translation skills, personality and communication skills, multimedia enriched presentation skills, Multimedia enriched e‑content creation (ID, story board, audio-video editing), online course creation and management skills, usage of subject specific software and use of interactive ICT tools in classroom etc. The Centre has state of the art facilities consisting of one modern fully equipped training lab, one audio-video studio and is guided by a team of eminent academicians and subject experts with a vast experience in the field of e‑learning.

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