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EMBO | IndiaBioscience Online Seminars

A successful scientific career requires many skills that go beyond the topics taught in a scientific curriculum. In our shared commitment to promoting life sciences, EMBO and IndiaBioscience have joined efforts to bring to the scientific community in India online seminars to update and practice soft skills, which include communication, grant writing, publishing and scientific integrity. Our trainings are tailored specifically to the needs of researchers at early career stages and aim at improving both the quality and the quantity of research output in the medium and long term. We launched this initiative in April 2020.

EMBO | IndiaBioscience Grant Writing Workshop

In this Grant Writing workshop, we set forth to impart to Young Investigators in the Life Sciences in India the skills required to write a successful grant application. The workshop consists of three independent parts: an open Webinar 1 (registration needed to attend), a closed Webinar 2 and an evaluated assignment. [ Workshop trainer: A. Chapin Rodriguez ]

Webinar 1: Fundamentals of Writing Effective Grant and Fellowship Applications
Webinar 2: Advanced Topics in Grant Writing (attendance requires formal application) [Guest Panellist: Lolitika Mandal, IISER Mohali]

There are two ways by which one can participate in this workshop:

i. Only attend Webinar 1 — This is open to all Young Investigators and the participant only needs to register to attend the Webinar 1.
Note: Only 500 seats are available.

ii. Attend the entire workshop — This workshop consists of two webinars and an assignment. Anyone who fulfils the eligibility criteria and wishes to attend the second webinar and submit an assignment needs to submit a completed application before 24th September 2020, 3 PM IST. The link to the application will be shared at the end of the first webinar. 20 eligible applicants will be selected to participate in the assignment and attend webinar 2.

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