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Discover Learning is a platform for students to discover the neuroscience of behaviour and understand How We (humans) Learn’. In building this understanding, they will also apply these principles to their personal and professional lives.

While the internet offers a lot of self-help advice for students, it is not typically backed by neuroscience. Through this workshop, participants will build a fundamental understanding of learning as a process and sift through the good and bad advice available to them.

The workshop will be in a flipped-classroom model, driven by participants’ questions and their explorations of the same. This is different from a traditional classroom model, where knowledge is mainly shared through lecturing. Because of the interactive student-driven nature of the workshop we do not have rigid learning outcomes, which means that everyone will be taking home something slightly different from the session — and that is perfectly fine!

Topics in the workshop we’re likely to touch upon:

  • Introduction to learning and memory
  • Application of insights from neuroscience, psychology, and education science to personal learning habits
  • The scientific method and critical-thinking

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