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Cajal Week by Project Encephalon is a week long event of talks and a panel discussion celebrating Dr Santiago Ramon y Cajal.

Santiago Ramon y Cajal is not just a name, it’s a spirit. It’s the ethos of modern neuroscientific research that reinstates the importance of creativity, perseverance and imagination in understanding and realising the limitless potential of Neurosciences. We at Project Encephalon, resonate thoroughly with these ideals and wish to cherish the same. Hence, on the august occasion of Cajal’s 169th birth anniversary, we are organising Cajal Week. It is a week-long celebration of invited talks from renowned speakers all over the world and a panel discussion on the importance of translational neuroscience. Come join us in paying a fitting tribute to the Father of Modern Neurosciences’, and enjoy a week filled with enriching and engaging sessions.

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