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NeuroNovember is a collaborative youth-led initiative, jointly organized by Project Encephalon and Stimulus, to delve deeper into the fascinating field of neuroscience in our uniquely curated 4‑day NeuroNovember Convention. It’s essentially aimed at raising awareness regarding the plethora of diverse branches that neuroscience entails. This unique four-day event will span throughout the last two weekends of November 2020 featuring, workshops, panels, sessions, competitions, and various other opportunities to engage in interaction and network with leading speakers, organizations, and ventures actively shaping the future of neuroscience. Visit neu​ronov​.org for more information.

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses the cognitive sciences, medicine psychology, biosciences, social sciences, and arts. These areas call for studies across different dimensions and ideas of thought, and exploring this interdisciplinarity is a youth-led convention that provides an opportunity for the young explorers of today.

Multiple organizations across the globe have introduced neuroscience activities and education among children as young as grade 3, the same cannot be said for schools in India. This has urged Stimulus and Project Encephalon to organize the NeuroNovember Convention — the first international youth-led neuroscience convention from India.

As the interdisciplinarity in the field develops, the intersectionality of the people in neuroscience becomes a crucial topic to discuss simultaneously. With panel discussions on topics like, Neuroscience for all, Science communication in Neuroscience, and Youth-led Neuroscience initiatives, the convention tries, not only to equip the young explorer of the opportunities that lie ahead, but also the issues that exist within it.

Who can attend: Young explorers including high schoolers, undergraduates, graduates and early career researchers, professors, and entrepreneurs.

Events: Oral presentations, poster sessions, panel discussion, competitions, and talks by renowned speakers who share their unique understanding of Neuroscience and the possibilities that lie within it.

The event is available for all to join, free of cost. However, registration is compulsory.

Join the convention to meet speakers from across the globe, discuss ideas and possibilities in neuroscience, and let your mind be challenged by all that lies ahead.

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