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Science Gallery Bengaluru seeks interactive, participatory works for CONTAGION, an exhibition that explores the phenomenon of the transmission of emotions, behaviours, and diseases.

The domino effect, the ripple effect, or the ability of one event to set off a chain of others has been known and described in various ways. From a yawn in a classroom setting off a wave of them to a chain reaction within a nuclear reactor leading to the creation of energy, this effect can be seen everywhere. 

Human social interactions are among the most studied examples of this. We have observed historically that our ability to travel, combined with our need to communicate and connect, has led to some of the worst epidemics. Within the human body, the spread of infection from cell to cell requires communication and strategy, which is well exhibited by microorganisms, viruses, and parasites.

Last date to apply is 30 May 2020

To apply, visit the Science Gallery Network Open Call website.

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