C‑CAMP — AMR Quest 2020

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To Identify and reward innovative ideas and solutions in the AMR domain and present opportunities for development and commercialization of these.

Scope of Application

The Antimicrobial Resistance Quest 2020 is inviting applications in the AMR domain spanning:

  • Non-traditional therapeutics including the indirect acting small molecules (virulence, potentiators, BLI combinations, etc), Direct- and indirect-acting large molecules (peptides, etc.), phage, microbiome, nucleic acid, anti-sense, Drug conjugates (ADC, other dual acting drug conjugates)
  • Preventatives including vaccines, preventative antibodies and fragments, and microbiome products.
  • Diagnostics including devices which can diagnose ID/AST of pathogens
  • Direct acting small molecule therapeutics including new classes of drugs or new targets only

* All applications need to be related to development of products, not basic research

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