Biostatistics: a user’s perspective

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This is an intense online Biostatistics workshop that avoids maths and focuses on building an intuitive understanding of biostatistics.

The primary focus of Biostatistics: a user’s perspective” is to provide the knowledge required for basic statistical analysis and interpretation of biological data. The amount of mathematics involved will be minimal, and the focus will be conceptual and application-oriented, i.e. on getting the job done without necessarily understanding each gear and wheel clicking under the hood.

The upcoming edition of this course will run on two consecutive weekends (i.e. Saturdays and Sundays) in January 2024 (06−07 and 13 – 14 January 2024) and will involve: :

  • 14 hours of interactive live teaching
  • 4 hours of doubt-solving sessions/​tutorials (over and above doubt solving during the lectures)
  • Instruction videos on how to do the statistical tests covered in the course on your own
  • Assignments for practicing the tests, including detailed solutions to select questions to enhance understanding
  • Self-evaluation quiz
  • A web discussion forum for solving queries arising out of the teaching or the assignments/​quiz
  • The recordings of all lectures will be made available to the participants (in a view-only mode) till 31-March-2024.
  • Certificates for all participating students.
  • This is a paid course (INR 4130 including 18% GST).

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