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Taylor & Francis Group is organizing a virtual panel discussion titled Bioprocesses & Biotechnology: An Expert Insight Session’ to be conducted on 22nd of November 3 – 4:30 pm IST in collaboration with the Biotech Research Society of India (BRSI). This virtual session would be for 90 mins where 60 mins are for a roundtable discussion and 30 mins for audience Q&A.

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They are excited to present a collaboration opportunity with IndiaBioscience for this virtual session and are pleased to invite an expert speaker to share their valuable insights on the Relevance ofscience communication in the biological sciences research space’ along with other experts from the BRSI & T&F.

The event is designed to engage, educate, support and address questions of the biological research community in India by bringing in expert voices from editorial, academia and advocacy. Networking and communication is an integral part of any researchers’ journey and IndiaBioscience’s contribution to bring about that knowledge is crucial to the research lifecycle and the wider research ecosystem.

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