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Assessment and evaluation are critical components of the educational process, and need to be aligned with content and pedagogy to create effective learning environments. So, how exactly can this be achieved? This Faculty Development Programme (FDP) addresses this driving question and explores various aspects including digital tools and methodologies for assessment and evaluation in the context of higher education. This programme will also provide a common platform for participants to share their own experiences and best practices in assessment and evaluation.

1. Eligibility — This one week online national FDP is open for all higher education faculty members irrespective of their affiliation or position. However, there will be a limited number of seats available, so signing up early is recommended.

2. Outcomes – This FDP is part of a series of programmes organized by CREATES, IISER Bhopal under the PMMMNMTT Scheme, MHRD. The primary objective of these programmes is to empower faculty members and provide professional development in various technical content areas, pedagogy and educational technology.

3. Format – This FDP will use a combination of digital mechanisms including online video lectures, interactive discussion forums, and other e‑learning materials. Various technology platforms will be used to conduct the online sessions. The detailed procedure for joining the FDP will be made available to the registered participants

4. Materials Required: Participants are required to have access to laptop/​desktop with robust internet connectivity. Headphone and microphone will also be required for online interactions.

5. Assessment and Evaluation – Participants are expected to actively participate in all the sessions, and may have quiz, assignments, and exercises that have to be completed within the stipulated timings.

6. FDP Certificate – It is mandatory for participants to attend all FDP sessions. It is also expected that participants will actively participate and complete all FDP activities, assignments, exercises, etc. Upon satisfactory performance, eligible participants will receive the e‑certificate after 3 weeks of the completion of the FDP. Kindly note that all programs under PMMMNMTT Scheme, MHRD, are valid for promotion under CAS as per the UGC notification dated 18th July, 2018.

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