Junior Research Fellow

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


Development of a Drosophila model for environmental enteric dysfunction (EED). 1 year position available starting 1 December.


Development of a Drosophila model for environmental enteric dysfunction (EED). Children in low to middle-income countries are continuously exposed to enteric infections, resulting in diarrhoea and malabsorption of nutrients, which ultimately lead to poor growth and stunting. This phenomenon is called EED and we want to develop a fly model to understand what role early life malnutrition plays in this phenomenon. Like the human gut, the fly gut is continuously regenerated. Hence, can early life nutritional insults persist via molecular signatures in adults to influence gut properties such as ability to deal with enteric infections, nutrient absorption and motility?

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12 months


MSc in any branch of Life Sciences


  • Ability to think through experiments and perform them to a high standard
  • Good communication skills – verbal, written would be a plus
  • Ability to read protocols and implement instructions faithfully
  • Maintain excellent records

To Apply

Candidates interested in the position(s) can send their resumes strictly in either PDF format (click to open) or DOCX format (click to save) and mail to hr@​tdu.​edu.​in with the subject line indicating the position applied for and Advertisement Number as mentioned above. Candidates are also requested to include a cover letter detailing why this position interests them.

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