The Young Investigator Programme at NCBS

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


The Young Investigator Programme (YIP) is for exceptionally talented, young scientists (referred to informally as YIPs) who wish to establish themselves rapidly as independent researchers. Since 2004 when the programme was started, NCBS has hosted several YIPs, many of whom have moved on to independent faculty positions.


A YIP appointment is a career option for a variety of researchers: those who have only just finished their PhD degree and would like to work independently; young scientists with some post-doctoral experience who would like to explore a specific question; and those who have embarked on a completely new direction early in their career. We encourage approaches that address new questions or take novel paths. There are no targeted specific areas of hiring and we have made appointments in several research areas across biology. We greatly encourage applicants in new disciplines, as the boundaries of biological research expand and intersect with the physical sciences, engineering, and medicine. Indian citizenship is not a prerequisite and international applicants are encouraged to apply.

To Apply

Send your CV with a list of all publications, and a 1 – 2 page summary of your research accomplishments so far. Send reprints of your most significant papers (maximum of five) as soft copies for ready reference. Please also send us a 3 – 5 page research proposal describing your plans for future research that you plan to pursue over a 5‑year period. Ensure that you bring out the importance of your general area of research, and of your specific projects in this context. Remember that your application will be perused by biologists trained in very different fields, so write accordingly. Finally, send the names and addresses (including email) of six referees who are willing and can comment on your application and on your abilities.

( Now NCBS is accepting online applications )

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