Translation Scientists

 Bengaluru, Karnataka


The selected candidates are required to assist with the selection of research projects, carry-out the R&D work for advancing the selected projects into industry-ready life-science innovations, and assist with their subsequent commercial transfer.

The Applicant’:

  • Must have a keen interest in developing useful innovations with application in Life-sciences
  • Should have in-depth knowledge of his/​her field and could utilize this knowledge for Designing, Developing, Carrying-out and Supervising’ research projects and protocols
  • Should be open to working on innovations in all areas of Life-sciences and not be limited to just their area of expertise
  • Should be able to Take-on’ projects and also demonstrate Project leading’ capabilities
  • Should understand the process of Research Translation’ in Life-sciences, including the roles of different individuals/​professionals in developing deep science-based commercial innovations (from the scientific side to IP/​Patenting & Licensing side)
    • Able to collaborate with and complement a larger team of professionals, working on different thematic areas, and collectively advance the development of Life-science innovations
    • Should display scientific and professional capability in supporting and speeding up the decision-making process concerning different activities involved in the Research Translation’ process
  • Must adhere to accepted professional research practices, relevant policies, and guidelines while making various choices and decisions
  • Should be able to effectively and appropriately communicate facts, ideas, or opinions to other colleagues
  • Should aim to become a team member who values the contributions of and engages with the entire team


These are contractual positions. Remuneration shall be based on Qualification & Experience’ and DST guidelines.


A Ph.D. in life-sciences or allied sciences


  • More than 2 years of experience in academia or industry would be preferred (though we are open to talented and motivated freshers as well)
  • Excellent Inter-communication skills (oral and written), highly developed presentation skills, and a true Team-player
  • Ability to work independently with excellent report writing and research & information assimilation skills
  • A well-organized individual with multi-tasking skills who thrives on diversity in an evolving professional environment

To Apply

If you are a dynamic and independent professional who has the potential to contribute to challenging projects and are excited by collaborative, interdisciplinary work, please send your résumé and a brief message to get in touch with us at hr@​ccamp.​res.​in’ by 1st Dec, 2020.

Please refer to the position name in the subject line of your e‑mail. Candidates whose profiles match our requirements will be contacted directly.

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