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Cancer Epigenetics


Dr. Ashok Sharma’s laboratory is aimed to identify early detection, diagnosis and treatments for gynaecological cancer. The goal of our research program is to explore how epigenetic processes integrate cellular signalling and the metabolic state to influence cell proliferation, differentiation, and adaptation during both normal development and cancer. We also concentrate to define the epigenomic programs, controlled by DNA methylation, chromatin, and nucleosome positioning, that control the extensive self-renewal properties associated with cancers. This research is providing new insights into cancer pathogenesis and unique opportunities to develop rational approaches for potential use of cancer testis/​germline antigen as new personalized therapeutic strategies. Highly motivated and interested fellows and students are encouraged to inquire regarding the availability of research positions.


They are looking for bright, motivated Research Associate/​ Post-Doctoral Fellow with a background in Molecular Biology/​Biochemistry to join our research group at AIIMS, New Delhi.

To Apply

Interested individuals who wish to apply for above are requested to email their CV and Letter of Interest to Dr. Ashok Sharma (ashoksharma1202@​gmail.​com) for further information before October.

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