How to Apply

(Updated on 23rd May, 2023) 

The deadline to apply for the RYIM Grants 2023 – 2024 has been extended to 2nd June, 2023 (11:59 p.m. IST).

Interested RYIM Grants 2023 – 2024 applicants must complete the application form by 25 May 2023 (11:59 p.m. IST). 

Please find the online application form here: 


Please read all the information given below BEFORE you start filling the application form. These will be the sections you will need before you start the application.

1. Names, affiliations, designations and contact details of the lead organiser as well as each co-organiser (the RYIM team). 

2. Theme of the proposed RYIM (Please see previous RYIM themes for ideas. Notably, the RYIM theme should be broad and encompassing and not discipline or field-specific).

3. CVs of the lead organiser and co-organisers (each CV should be no more than 2 pages). Please upload all CVs as a single PDF (as a Google drive link in the application form).

4. Letters of Support from host institutes of the lead organiser and co-organisers indicating that the YI is a full-time, independent researcher AND is less than 8 years into the independent position, and that the institute supports the YIs participation as an organiser in the proposed RYIM. For the host institute which will serve as the venue for the RYIM, the letter should also state that the institute is willing to host the in-person RYIM event. Please upload all Letters of Support as a single PDF (as a Google drive link in the application form).

5. A SINGLE PDF package (shared as a Google drive link in the application form) containing:

A maximum of a five-page proposal (Font 12, Times New Roman) indicating the:

  • Purpose of conducting the RYIM, including a brief description of the theme and goals of the meeting.

  • Details of the RYIM team members and host institutes 

Please include details of the RYIM team members, including roles and responsibilities as organisers. Please also state the host institute that will serve as the venue of the RYIM, and possible roles of the other institutes. This should also be stated in the accompanying Letter of Support (see above).

  • Brief schedule of the meeting and suggested speakers/​panelists, including dates of the proposed RYIM 

The RYIMs will be expected to be conducted before end-March 2024 as in-person events of ~2 – 3 days. IndiaBioscience encourages a good mix of plenary talks, special talks, structured panel discussions, poster presentations, networking sessions, and workshops on a broad range of topics relevant to the scientific community. Further, RYIM teams are strongly encouraged to think of scientific topics relevant to the regional community, as well as those that are contemporary in nature, with a mix of speakers from the region and other parts of India. At this stage of the application, speaker confirmations are not necessary. 

  • Expected number and diversity of participants 

The proposal should include an overall idea of the participants expected (the meeting should aim to host at least 100 participants), including but not limited to young investigators’, faculty, scientists, senior PhD and Postdoctoral researchers, clinicians, educators, industry professionals, science communicators, and public engagement professionals. While the meeting maybe open to all, we encourage a substantial presence of participants from the region. 

  • Expected outcome(s) of the meeting 

Please include how the scientific topics, speakers and participants would contribute to fulfilling the overall goal of fostering scientific communities in the region and the expected outcome of the event. 

  • Proposed budget of the RYIM (please provide a detailed breakup of the proposed budget as a table)

IndiaBioscience will provide a seed grant of up to INR 2 lakhs for each selected RYIM. 

The proposed RYIM budget should also detail the estimated total cost of the meeting and plans to raise additional funds (from grants, host institutes, sponsorships).

The budget should include costs such as accommodation, meals and travel costs for participants and speakers (if provided). 

The RYIM can charge a registration fee for participants; please provide an estimate of the fee and what it would cover for the participants (accommodation, meals, etc). 

6. Formal request letter for IndiaBioscience funding support (format here). This form should be filled and signed by the host institute which will receive funds for the in-person RYIM. Please upload the completed form as a separate PDF (via a Google drive link in the application form)

7. [OPTION] Crafting Your Career (CYC) Workshop: RYIM Grants 2023 – 2024 applicants are encouraged to opt for an IndiaBioscience Crafting Your Career (CYC) workshop (option in the online form) for PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers at the RYIM venue institute. This will be a one day workshop conducted by IndiaBioscience team members (~2 – 3 team members) for ~20 – 50 participants on Day 2 or Day 3 of, or a day before, the RYIM. To and fro air or train travel costs for the IndiaBioscience team members will be covered by IndiaBioscience (IndiaBioscience will incur this expense in addition to the financial support provided via the RYIM grant), but local transportation, accommodation and meals will be expected from the organisers. Further, RYIM organisers will need to work with IndiaBioscience to select or shortlist or finalize workshop participants as well as provide space and tech support for the workshop. IndiaBioscience may provide an online certificate for participants who complete the entire workshop.

Based on the number of requests, timelines and logistics, IndiaBioscience will confirm their ability to host a CYC workshop with selected RYIM Grant awardees. 

After the application

IndiaBioscience may choose to award a total of up to 6 RYIM grants, depending on the number and quality of applications.

Selected projects will be notified by email by mid-June 2023. The RYIMs are expected to be conducted before end-March 2024. 

Important note for applicants:

- Please check the eligibility criteria for organisers before applying to the RYIM Grants 2023 – 2024

- Applications should only be submitted via the online application form. Applications sent via email will not be considered. 

- Please ensure that you have given permission to access all resources for which drive links have been shared to​“anyone with the link”. If not properly shared, this can delay the review of your application.