Terms & Conditions

A. Roles and Responsibilities of RYIM organisers and IndiaBioscience 

For the selected RYIM Grants 2023 – 2024, IndiaBioscience (IBS) will take care of the following aspects:

  1. Graphic poster design and printing for the RYIM and web banner for the meetings’ page

  2. Set up of meeting page on the IndiaBioscience website (~6 weeks before the meeting is scheduled)

  3. Suggestions or inputs on the meeting schedule and speakers (IBS will play only an advisory role). The RYIM team is expected to contact, confirm and schedule the speakers. 

  4. Seed funding for the meeting of up to INR 2 lakhs, depending upon the proposed budget and availability of funds. 

  5. Promotion via IBS newsletter, social media, and email along with the RYIM team, according to the timelines of the meeting

  6. A science writer to cover the meeting and publish salient takeaways from the meeting on the IndiaBioscience website. 

  7. Supporting letters and documents, such as an invitation to the head of the institution or supporting letters for additional grants, if required.

  8. Conduct of the Crafting Your Career (CYC) workshop (depending on final confirmation) and to and fro air travel of IndiaBioscience team members for the same.

For the selected RYIM Grants 2023 – 2024, the RYIM lead organiser and co-organisers (RYIM team) will take care of the following aspects:

  1. Creation of an email ID specific for the meeting in the following format: [yim(year)(Location)@gmail.com] at the time of acceptance of the award

  2. Institutional Bank Account details for transfer of the grant money at the time of acceptance of the award

  3. Poster requirements to be shared with IndiaBioscience ~8 weeks before the opening of registration

  4. Meeting page requirements to be shared with IndiaBioscience ~8 weeks before the opening of registration

  5. Creation of Google form for registration (format will be provided by IndiaBioscience) at least 6 weeks before the meeting is scheduled (this will be needed for the meeting page to go live)

  6. Open meeting registration at least 6 weeks before the meeting and registration should stay open for at least two weeks

  7. List of organisations in the region where information about the meeting will be sent

  8. Logistics and planning of the meeting (accommodation, food, transportation, audiovisual support), including speaker/​panelist confirmations and the final program schedule 

  9. Final lists of speakers and participants to be shared with IndiaBioscience 

  10. Raising additional funds for the RYIM (from host institutes, grants, sponsorships) and sharing the logos of the institutes/​grants/​sponsors with IndiaBioscience for the meeting page

  11. Logistics related to selection of participants, space and tech support for the conduct of the Crafting Your Career (CYC) workshop (depending on final confirmation).

B. Nature and organisation of the RYIMs

  1. The RYIMs are expected to beno-garland’ events, optimized towards a supportive and collaborative environment for the participants, resource-personnel and organisers. 

  2. This meeting should be for YIs and participants and by the RYIM organising team, and should not be institutionalized. 

  3. Like national YIMs, the meeting should be informal (no huge poster boards, banners, shawls, garlands, bouquets, fancy meeting bags, special awards, row reservations) and environmentally-friendly (no big signboards, packed water bottles, etc).

  4. Meetings must ensure equal diversity and representation across gender and other demographics for participants, speakers, panelists and resource-personnel.

C. Money Disbursement from IndiaBioscience 

IndiaBioscience will disburse the committed funds in a single installment upon acceptance of the award by the RYIM organisers and provision of institutional money bank account details. The money will only be sent to ONE institutional bank account as provided by the organisers.

Note: While IndiaBioscience understands that plans can change, in the situation that the meeting is not conducted in the time frame provided by the organisers in the proposal, IndiaBioscience can request a reimbursement of all or part of the grant money provided. 

The RYIM Grant 2023 – 2024 is a seed fund (up to 2 lakhs) provided to hold a local meeting that brings together scientists and professionals in the region. The organisers are expected to raise additional sources of funding (grants, host institute funds, sponsorships) to cover the total cost of the meeting.

D. Submission of Final Meeting Report: The organisers will be expected to submit ONE final meeting report within 4 weeks of completion of the meeting (in the submission format provided by IndiaBioscience). 

E. Submission of Financial Report: ONE Utilization Certificate (UC) is expected to be submitted within 4 weeks of completion of the meeting (in the submission format provided by IndiaBioscience), duly signed by the financial/​administrative authority of the institute.

F. IBS Branding: IBS should be acknowledged and the IBS logo should be used (according to IBS branding guidelines) in material and resources developed as part of the project. Announcements, materials and resources posted on social media should tag IBS handles (Facebook , Twitter, (#RYIM [Location]), Instagram, LinkedIn).

G. Expenses that can be supported via the RYIM Grant:

- Meeting room or venue related costs

- Travel costs for speakers and participants

    - Accommodation costs for meeting attendees

    - Costs related to food and local transportation

    - Fees for hiring freelancers or consultants (example, photography, video recording) 

    - Fees for other professional services

    - Stationery / printing / tech support

    - Prizes for oral and / or poster presentations

    - Provision of childcare bursaries (to support daycare or nanny expenses or costs related to travel of an accompanying child) to participants and speakers/​panelists

      Note: This list is not all inclusive of all expenses that can be covered.

      H. Code of Conduct 

      All meetings and events hosted under the aegis of the RYIM Grants 2023 – 2024 must be inclusive and impartial. The organiser must ensure that all interactions are professional and respectful. Organisers, attendees, speakers, etc. must abide by our Code of Conduct.

      Timeline for Regional YIM Grants 2023 – 2024



      Call for RYIM Grants 2023 – 2024 opens

      14th April, 2023

      Informational webinar on RYIM Grants 2023 – 2024 

      21st April, 2023, 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. IST.

      Registration link:


      Call for RYIM Grants 2023 – 2024 closes 

      (Updated on 23rd May, 2023) The deadline to apply for the RYIM Grants 2023 – 2024 has been extended to 2nd June, 2023 (11:59 p.m. IST).

      25th May 2023 (11:59 p.m. IST)

      Notification of awarded RYIM 2023 – 2024 teams 

      By mid-June 2023 

      RYIM teams create email ID specific for the meeting: [yim(year)(Location)@gmail.com]

      At the time of acceptance of the award

      Institutional Bank Account details for transfer of grant money

      At the time of acceptance of the award

      Disbursement of seed grant money from IndiaBioscience

      Upon acceptance of the award and provision of required details

      Poster and meeting page requirements to be shared with IndiaBioscience (final program and speaker confirmations will be needed)

      At least 8 weeks before the meeting 

      Meeting page goes live on the IndiaBioscience website 

      ~6 weeks before the meeting 

      Registration opens for the RYIM

      Atleast 6 weeks before the meeting and stays open for 2 weeks

      Submission of meeting report and financial utilization certificate by RYIM organisers’ and venue institute 

      Within 4 weeks of completion of the meeting

      Publication of article based on the RYIM on IndiaBioscience website 

      2 – 4 weeks after completion of the meeting

      Completion of all awarded RYIMs 2023 – 2024 

      By end-March 2024

      * Depending on the dates of the meeting, these timelines will run at various stages for the different awarded RYIMs.