Radio PDF | Listen to the postdoctoral researchers in India

Radio PDF Episode 01 | S1

We bring to you conversations with postdoctoral fellows in India wherein they’ll talk about their research, career, and some beyond the obvious details about the postdoctoral community in India.

This is an overview of the podcasts releasing starting May 2022. The 1st series of Radio PDF’ features Dhananjay Chaturvedi, Laasya Samhita, Mithu Baidya, and Nimita Pandey from NCBS Bangalore, IIT Kanpur & DST CPR-IISc Bengaluru respectively.

If you are a postdoc in India and would like to be a part of this podcast series, drop us a note at IndiaBiospeaks@​indiabioscience.​org!

Stay tuned for more updates from Radio PDF!