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Project RAKSHA

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Project RAKSHA brings to you easy-to-use resources for teaching sexual health and safety attitudes to kids in English and Hindi.


The colorful and engaging books break down complex topics into kid-friendly language and illustrations, tailored for boys and girls separately. With relatable characters and relatable scenarios, they encourage open conversations about 10 general themes ranging from consent and boundaries to puberty and reproduction.

These resources aid the parents in making learning fun and comprehensible, empowering children to develop healthy attitudes towards their bodies and relationships. So, whether you're a parent, teacher, or caregiver, these books are a must-have to ensure our children grow up with knowledge and confidence. Whether young or older, with or without disabilities, these resources are vital for nurturing appropriate sexual knowledge and responsible attitudes in our youth. Read more here.

The resources can be found here:

  1. Project RAKSHA Story Series Boy BLANK
  2. Project RAKSHA Story Series Boy ENGLISH
  3. Project RAKSHA Story Series Boy HINDI
  4. Project RAKSHA Story Series Girl BLANK
  5. Project RAKSHA Story Series Girl ENGLISH
  6. Project RAKSHA Story Series Girl HINDI