Women Scientists Scheme (WOS‑A)

Department of Science and Technology


Women Scientists Scheme‑A (WOS‑A) provides platform to women scientists and technologists for pursuing research in basic or applied sciences in frontier areas of science and engineering. The scheme plays pivotal role in gender mainstreaming as it not only prevents brain drain from S&T system but also train and retain women in the system. The scheme initially offers opportunity to work as bench-level scientists and ultimately open new avenues for permanent position in Science & Technology.

Scientific Disciplines:

The support available in 5 disciplines under WOS‑A namely,
i) Physical & Mathematical Sciences (PMS),
ii) Chemical Sciences (CS),
iii) Life Sciences (LS),
iv) Earth & Atmospheric Sciences (EAS), and
v) Engineering Technology (ET)


Ph.D. in Basic or Applied Sciences or equivalent degree

To Apply

The Scheme is open throughout the year. Therefore, there is no last date of application.

Procedure for Applying:Only online submission of Project Proposal is allowed in WOS‑A

For Online Submission of WOS‑A Proposals- Click Here

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