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The BioEngineering Research Initiative (BERI) is conceived as a platform to facilitate interdisciplinary interactions between biologists, physicists, engineers, material scientists and medical doctors. The structure of the collaboration revolves around a core group of faculty who facilitate interactions with colleagues in other research and academic institutions. The BERI early career awards comprise postdoctoral positions, under existing research programs in the Bangalore Bio Cluster. Applicants are expected to work alongside the lab members, while bringing in expertise in bio-engineering. 


Candidates should not have more than 4 years of postdoctoral research experience and should be able to clearly articulate their scientific interests and directions. They must be sponsored by a local host who is a member of NCBS/​inStem Faculty. 

To Apply

Applicants will identify the laboratory with which they would like to be associated in preliminary discussions with the host faculty member. Once both the host faculty member and the candidate agree, an application can be submitted to Head Academics at NCBS who will coordinate the processing and review of the application. 

Your full application package as a single collated PDF should consist of the following:

- Your latest CV
- A research proposal with detailed plans and timelines of the project, developed in close collaboration with your proposed host 

In addition, we require the following:

- A letter of support from your proposed host (emailed directly to acadoffice@​ncbs.​res.​in)
- At least 2 letters of references (emailed directly by the referees to acadoffice@​ncbs.​res.​in) Please note that the applicant is responsible for timely arrival of the letters. 

A committee appointed by the Head Academics will evaluate applications and short-listed candidates will be invited to visit the campus for a seminar followed by interview with the committee members. The decision of the evaluation committee will be communicated within one month of the visit. 

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