NBHM Postdoctoral Fellowships

National Board for Higher Mathematics


Every year, NBHM offers postdoctoral fellowships to selected young mathematicians who have completed their Ph.D. degree in mathematics. The postdoctoral fellowships (PDF) are intended for mathematicians below the age of 35 who have a doctoral degree or equivalent published research work. Persons who have submitted their dissertations for a Ph.D. degree are also eligible to apply.

A candidate can apply for the award of PDF any time. However, applications will be considered twice a year with deadlines of January 01, and July 01 of the year, but for the year 2016, it will, instead of January 01 be April 01. 


Ph.D. degree in mathematics.

To Apply

The application should consist of: 

  1. A completed Post Doctoral Fellow application summary form (see‑a…), as the first page of application. Please convert the .doc file to .pdf format before submitting. 
  2. Up to two pages of synopsis of the thesis, and/​or related work. 
  3. If none of the candidate’s papers has been accepted for publication, a copy of the candidate’s thesis has to be attached. However, if at least one paper has been accepted, do not send the thesis, or any paper. Instead, supply the link from where the paper can be accessed. 
  4. Arrange to send 3 letters of recommendations directly to NBHM office, with one preferably by the thesis advisor, and one from someone who knows the candidate’s work from outside the home institution.

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