National Environmental Sciences Fellows Programme

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change


The programme is open to all Scientists working in the field of environmental sciences, engineering and technology including those currently employed in Government of India / State Government / Public Institutions and those who are not currently associated with any public institution but are working in the area and eager to pursue a specific research that is benefi cial to the Government of India. 


  • The applicant should be Indian or of Indian origin and should possess a doctorate or equivalent in any field of science/​engineering/​medicine/​environmental sciences /​environmental engineering, with outstanding track record and proven leadership qualities in the area of environmental research with experience of atleast five to eight years including the period spent while undertaking research work for Ph.D.


  • The applicant should have an appropriate background in academics and experience in R&D in the area of environment protection, conservation and sustainable development including climate change, multilateral agreements, international negotiations, and conservation of biological diversity and associated traditional knowledge, environmental bio-technology, bio-safety, genetically modified organisms or other related areas that are directly or indirectly involved in environmental sciences, engineering and technology. 
  • The upper age limit is 35 years. However, in exceptional cases a relaxation upto five years may be considered by the Management Committee.

To Apply

1. Applications from talented scientists having proven record in any field of science / engineering / medicine / environmental sciences / environmental engineering / environmental technology will be invited through open advertisement. The applicants shall submit their applications in the prescribed proforma. 

2. The applicant will attach a R&D proposal with his/​her application in the R&D thrust areas identified by the Management Committee of the MoEF with emphasis on potential impact of proposed research project on solving environmental problems. The application should be as per the instructions for filling up the proforma given in the Guidelines. 

3. The Management Committee headed by an eminent scientist will scrutinize the applications including the research project and select upto ten National Environmental Sciences Fellows taking into account the Guidelines and as per prescribed procedure. 

4. The Committee will be approved by the Ministry of Environment & Forests and have a tenure of three years. Every selected Fellow will be attached to one of the selected environmental schools/​institutions and will have a tenure ranging from 1 – 2 years depending upon the project chosen. 

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