Environmental Curricula grants


Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation seeks to contribute to the development, implementation and/or field testing of environmental curricula.

Grant Mission: 

The mission of our grant program is to support educators in developing and implementing holistic environmental curricula that: 

   • Integrate field activities and classroom teaching, and
   • Incorporate basic ecological principles and problem solving

Grant Requirements: 

To be awarded a grant, environmental curricula must: 

   • Show a holistic approach
   • Strive to synthesize multiple levels of learning
     (facts, concepts, principles)
   • Include experiential integrated learning and problem solving
   • Be founded on basic scientific principles, including hypothesis
     testing and experimental design
   • Incorporate basic ecological principles and field environmental
     activities within a primary or secondary school setting
   • Present controversial issues objectively, stressing the
     development of individual student opinions

Any organization is eligible to apply, including schools, non-profits, governmental agencies and others. MGAEF funds organizations across the globe.

To Apply

Interested applicants need to first submit a Pre-proposal - a one-page document summarising their proposal. Pre-proposals can be submitted any time. For the next application cycle however, the deadline is Sept. 15, 2017.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit a full application.

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