National Bio Entrepreneurship Competition 2019

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Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms


The National Bio Entrepreneurship Competition (NBEC) 2019 is inviting path breaking revolutionary and scalable business ideas in the life sciences domain spanning:

    • Agri-Biotechnology, including conventional plant breeding, tissue culture and micro-propagation, molecular breeding or marker assisted selection, genetic engineering and GM crops, molecular diagnostic Tools, soil Health, and other related sub-domains;
    • Animal health, including diagnostics, therapeutics, nutrition, and other sub-domains related to veterinary applications;
    • Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), including vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, preventatives, and other related solutions to tackle AMR;
    • Clean and renewable energy, including biofuels, clean air, and other related sub-domains;
    • Diagnostics;
    • Digital Health, including AI & ML, imaging, wearables, healthcare IT, and other related applications;
    • Drug Discovery & Development, including vaccines, biopharma, regenerative medicine, biologics, biosimilars, plant based therapeutics, CRO/CMO/CRAM, clinical research, and other related sub-domains;
    • Food & Nutraceuticals, including dietary supplements, and other related sub-domains;
    • Industrial Biotechnology, including enzymes, fermentation based products for non-pharma purposes, bioplastics, and other related sub-domains;
    • Maternal & Child Health (MCH);
    • Medical Devices;
    • Water & Sanitation, including water treatment, solid waste treatment, and other related sub-domains;

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